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Moretonhampstead Primary School

Our school is a vibrant place of learning’ and 'pupils' progress is strong'- OfSTED April 2017

Our ‘strong emphasis on pupils’ personal development promotes their positive behaviour, with respect and courtesy as the norm’.

We are delighted that our recent OfSTED letter supports our view that we are a 'good' school.  We are pleased that the letter recognises the journey we have been on to secure improvement for our children and this will continue as we look to further strengthen our curriculum and the opportunties we provide.  You can find the full OfSTED letter on the link below.

We have an amazing building and outdoor space, incredible Dartmoor views and, best of all, fantastic children and staff!  We are a school where the children come first and are all treated as individuals.  Our school mission statement says: ‘In a trusting, caring and motivating environment, our children will be happy, confident learners who are inspired to do their very best.’ 

Do come and visit us!

With best wishes,

William Bentall


Shapley Food Feast Talk

We had a visitor last Friday when Ed from Chagfood Organic Farm came to visit Shapley in preparation for our feast. 

He explained all about organic farming and we watched  a video showing the aerial view of the farm taken by a drone. We were  excited to learn about all the different microbes in just one teaspoon of soil and how they help to break down the soil.  Finally, we enjoyed some very delicious carrots. 

Thank you for visiting and contributing food for our feast.  

Swamp Walk at Escot

The dreaded swamp at Escot. This is why your children came home so grubby!

Dartmoor 3 Ball Tournament

Years 3 and 4 took part in a Dartmoor 3 Ball tournament at SDCC on Thursday. We had enough players to enter 2 teams. The B Team were pitted against Years 5 and 6 as a friendly and put up a good fight with some great fielding and batting. The A Team played competitively, competing for a place in the finals in a few weeks time. Lots of learning took place on the pitch and as they played more and more games some great tactics developed. A favourite tactic was to “just whack it”, this seemed to work well for Henry! The team played extremely well and were undefeated in all 5 of their games. They will now compete in the final, well played and good luck!

Mrs Scholz 

Shapley Art

Shapley have been looking at the work of Georgia O' Keeffe and having a go at producing our own art work inspired by flowers. We will continue building on this after half term. The children have also been learning how to take photos and put them in a collage using the app, pic collage.

Mardon Art Workshop

Mardon enjoyed their session with a local artist who showed us how to create a cyanotype. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. It was an early form of photography used well into the 20th century as as simple and low cost process to produce copies of drawings referred to as blueprints. We drew fruit or vegetables onto acetate with a Sharpie which was used to block the sunlight from the special paper. The designs will be printed onto a table cloth that we will use for a school feast.

Devon County Show - Mardon

Mardon had a fantastically fun day at the Devon County show. We all had a go at bread making, butter making, Apple pressing, squeezing lemons to make lemonade and even using a fuelled by kinetic energy to make banana and strawberry smoothies. We also got the chance to explore the show ground and see lots of livestock up close as well as some sheep being sheared. What a busy day!

Mrs Scholz

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