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Making Progress

School Appraisal News

On November 18th, our school was visited by Richard Arundell, Headteacher of Buckfastleigh Primary, Louise Lee-Gammage, Headteacher at Ashburton Primary, Rachel Shaw and Janet Ross who is our School Improvement Partner.  They carried out a ‘school appraisal’ and I am very pleased to tell you that I have since received a very positive report recognising the progress we have made in taking our school forward.

I would like to share some highlights with you all.  ‘The school has made significant progress since the visit in October 2015’ and there is now ‘much greater clarity around the ethos of the school and the high expectations set by school leaders’. 

There has been a ‘really positive shift in the culture of the school’ and ‘overall the quality of teaching and learning has clearly improved’.  ‘Teachers expect and encourage all pupils to work with positive attitudes so that they can apply themselves and make strong progress. Pupils are developing the capacity to learn from their mistakes and are becoming keen learners who want to find out more, consolidating and deepening their knowledge, understanding and skills. They are increasingly confident in assessing and talking about their own learning’ and ‘there is significant improvement in the productivity of the pupils, the quality of their work and the progress they are making’.

‘Pupils are now more actively involved with their learning and can speak articulately about how the school and their teachers help them to learn’ and my favourite quote of all- ‘they are proud of their school’.

I am also proud of all the children and the staff team who have been instrumental in the progress we have made.  I also want to thank all of you for your continued support and positivity.

There is, as always, more to do; continuing to improve our children’s confidence and skills when writing and also ensuring that our younger children’s individual learning needs are being met and that they are all being challenged. 

Let’s take some time though to celebrate how far we have come!

W Bentall