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We want the important step of your child starting school to be a smooth as possible.  It is a big step, both for your child and for you!

Admission to any school is undertaken through the Local Authority.  There are particular criteria which enable the Authority to prioritise requests for admissions if this is necessary.

Children may start school in the autumn term (September) after their fourth birthday.

It is important to us that there is a smooth transition to school for all children and that your children settle into our school quickly and happily. A rigorous and well planned induction programme is in place to enable this to happen, with the flexibility to respond to the needs of individual children as appropriate.

Our programme includes visits to our school – ‘taster sessions’, home visits and meetings with the Foundation Stage teacher.  We will give you more information about these in good time.

If your child has already attended another school and is coming to our school, you will still need to contact the Local Authority.  Once in our school, we will ensure that you are given the appropriate information and that your child has a ‘buddy’ to smooth this transition while they are ‘finding their feet’.  Before starting in our school we also try to arrange taster days for children who are joining the school and are older than Reception age, if that is convenient with you.   (We realise if you are moving from a distance that may not be possible.)

Details about admission criteria for our school and other information about admissions.

School Admissions Online

You can apply from home 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a place in our new Reception intake - it’s quick and easy to use and there is no risk that your application will be lost in the post. You can apply for an Infant or Primary School place by clicking on from 14 November to 15 January. At other times, you can apply on a paper version of the form – for Devon children that is the D-CAF1.

Admission to reception statement:

Moretonhampstead Primary School offers full time admission to Reception from the beginning of the September term following a child’s fourth birthday.

The school will endeavour to be flexible and meet the needs of individual children during transition and so this three-week induction period may need to be extended.

If you choose the option of your child attending school part-time (15-21 hours per week), this would be for mornings only.  This is in line with other schools in the South Dartmoor Learning Community to ensure continuity for the child.

If you decide to defer your child’s admission until Year 1, another application must be submitted through the Local Authority as the place will not have been reserved.  Summer-born children cannot defer admission to enter school into a Reception class in the following September.

If the parent decides to defer their child’s entry without consultation with the school, the place may be lost.