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Our Ethos

The following values are the foundation on which the whole school’s development for the future is built.

In a trusting, caring and motivating environment, our children will be happy, confident learners who are inspired to do their very best.

Together, we will lay the foundations needed for effective life long learning and responsible citizenship.

Our aims

· To be safe, happy and healthy at school

· To develop a love of learning through our fun, engaging and challenging approach.

· To treat every child as an individual and craft learning to suit.

· To enable each child to achieve their full potential in a friendly, kind and respectful learning environment.

· To develop a sense of curiosity and the need to ask questions

· To become self-motivated, independent learners, able to make choices and take pride in everything they do.

· To develop their own sense of esteem and their values in the community.

· To help every child to become socially aware and to encourage tolerance, co-operation and respect for others.

· To prepare children for their adult life and to be able to take their place in a changing world.