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Communicating with parents

The Parent Forum is a meeting of parent representatives.  The meetings are held twice per term, dates notified in the school newsletter.

At the meetings we discuss new initiatives and their impact, concerns that have been raised by parents and other ideas to further improve our school.

The Forum is not a discussion group about individual children and in that instance you are invited to come in to school to discuss issues about your own child either with your child’s class teacher or Mr Bentall, Headteacher.

Contact details of our current Parent Forum Representatives are on the school noticeboard and also available from the school office.  Currently our Parent Forum Representatives are as follows:

Reception  Mrs Nichola Kingsbury-Feest
Y1 Mrs Kate Diffey
Y1 Mrs Amanda Solly
Y2 Mrs Kirstie Alden
Y2 Mrs Fiona Gofton
Y3 Mrs Poppy Burgess
Y4 Mrs Judith Denman
Y4 Mrs Kirstie Alden
Y5 Mrs Fiona Gofton
Y6 Mrs Kirstie Alden
Y6 Mrs Astrid Ashford
Y6 Mrs Jane Battershall
Y6 Mrs Nichola Kingsbury-Feest
Governor Representative Mrs Poppy Burgess