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School Council

Our School Council now plays a more active part in school improvement.  From Year 2 to Year 6 we have 2 children from each class on the School Council. We meet with the School Council Lead and discuss issues affecting our school and community which may include behaviour, playtimes, fundraising and our learning.  Past achievements include raising over £500 for Farm Africa, Farms for City Children and the Disaster Emergency appeal. Funds have also been raised for the Woodland Trust, Children in  Need and Sport Relief and we are working hard together to make sure playtimes are fun for everybody.  The School Council has also been involved in recent recruitment sessions for new staff.   We have also just decorated the school and tree for Christmas!  We are currently supporting actions to make our school less reliant on single-use plastic...

If you want us to discuss something to improve our school just speak to a school councillor:


Bram and Sennen


Natan and Scarlett


Summer and Callum


Bonnie and Joe


AJ and Sylvie